Dampati Amrit Sawadhik Jeevan Beema
Under this Plan, life insurance risk coverage is provided for both husband and wife under single policy.
Policy Requirements
  • Insured                                    :  Couple (Husband and Wife)
  • Minimum Entry Age                  : 18 Years
  • Maximum Entry Age                 : 60 Years
  • Maximum Maturity Age             : 65 Years
  • Age computation                      :  Nearest Age (Age nearest Birthday)
  • Minimum Maturity Period          : 5 Years
  • Maximum Maturity Period         : 30 Year
  • Minimum Sum Assured            : Rs. 50,000/-
  • Maximum Sum Assured           : According to income source of Husband and Wife
  • Premium payment frequency    : Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
  • From Rs. 200,000.00 Sum Assured Rs. 1 rebate is provided
  • If the age difference between husband & wife is more than 20 years, then  they are not eligible for this plan
  • In this policy, both husband and wife have equal rights
Survival Benefits: (Both insured or any one)
  • Sum assured plus bonus earned shall be paid on maturity
Death Benefits:
  • On death of any one of insured couple within the Insurance period, sum assured will be paid to living insured.
  • Premium payment shall be waived after the demise of an insured
  • On death of the another insured, the sum assured with earned bonus will be paid to nominated person within the policy term.
 Rider Benefits:
  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) up to Rs. 2,500,000.00 in additional Rs. 1.00 per thousand.
  • Waiver of Premium (WOP) benefit shall be taken in additional Rs. 2.00 per thousand.
Other benefits:
  • Paid up and surrender claim shall be provided
  • Loan Facility provided.
  • Tax exemption as per ITA,2058